Creating .lib file from verilog

Creating a dummy .lib file is something every physical design engineer has done now and then. If you have a verilog model of the block available, your task gets easier. The following script automates .lib generation from your verilog netlist. Use this as a dummy .lib to get your design flow going or use it as a template for your analog blocks for modifying the values.

Customize, edit and use. The script creates a simple Data Structre. So any modification can be done pretty easily. The script parses the verilog for the module name specified, and collects the ports & directions. In the .lib file written out, a default capacitance and transition value is specified. This is a good starting point for your blocks.

Usage: create_lib <verilog_netlist> <module_name> [transition_value] [capacitance_value]


  1. Nizam

    Hi Sini,
    script is very good.
    I tried to run by using simple Verilog netlist.
    The usage is not clean for.
    If I run ur usage I am getting create_lib is not recognized as internal or external command.
    Please help to get a dummy .lib for my simple Verilog netlist by providing execution/usage

    1. mm Sini Mukundan


      Type ” which perl” from your terminal. In this script there is #!/usr/bin/perl at line1. Replace the /usr/bin/perl part with your “which perl” result. Then you should be able to run it without perl command.

  2. Sandeep

    Hi madam,
    I have a doubt in timing, if u have time just look it and give me some suggestion…
    1.How can “setup and hold” violations happen in the same path…? What are the reasons for it and how can that issue be solved?

  3. jayant saxena

    i have used ur scripts to generate .lib from verilog ,its working fine but now i want to modify this script such that my .lib should also contain information of power pin eg
    pg_type : primary_ground;
    voltage_name : gnd;
    pg_type : internal_ground;
    voltage_name : gnds;
    pg_type : primary_power;
    voltage_name : vdd;
    pg_type : internal_power;
    voltage_name : vdds;
    this type of information i want to add alonfg with cell name how to do this can u tell me ?

  4. Apurv

    Its great blog…
    i have one questions, can u tell me how we can extract net length from def file without loading it in tool using any perl or tcl??

    like m1 layer net length is this
    m2 layer net length is wise

  5. Mahendra Reddy

    Hi Sini,

    This script does not work if the input|output|inout signals are defined in multiple lines in the verilog.

    For example:
    input a,b,

    Script generates pin attributes only for “a” & “b” pins in .lib, but not for “c”.

    Please look into the same.


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