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Physical Only Cells; Well Taps & Decap Cells

In PD flow, you must have come across the term physical only cells. Let us explore a few of them. Well Tap Cells Decap Cells Filler Cells Well Tap Cells Library cells usually have well taps which are traditionally used so that your n-well is connected to VDD and substrate is connected to GND. In

Spare Cells

I have been writing an article on ECO flows.Of course I cannot talk about freeze_silicon ECOs without talking about spare cells.When I was a wee intern sitting through PnR training, spare cells confused me. I thought I had to insert the spares and use them in the same session! So here’s a small note about

ICCompiler MCMM Flow – create_scenario

The PnR tools now have concurrent multi-corner and multimode analysis and optimization capabilities. In ICCompiler, we create scenarios to specify the different corners and modes the design should operate on. In a scenario, you can have constraints which determine the mode of operation, and different libraries(or opertaing conditions) which determine the corners. You also set

Synopsys Design Constraints

Timing closure is the big whale for most P&R designers. You get it done, and then you can wash your hands off all those annoying designers and get to work cleaning up and beautifying your layout.