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SVA : System Tasks & Functions

Assertion severity – system tasks In System Verilog, severity of assertion messages is classified by using four system tasks. These are $fatal, $error, $warning and $info. If an action block is specified, user-defined severity can be created by using these system tasks. Every assertion failure has an associated severity which can be specified in the

SVA : Concurrent Assertions

Concurrent Assertions Concurrent assertions are based on clock semantics and are evaluated continuously with every clock edge. Concurrent assertions can be temporal that means usually it describes a certain behavior that spans over a time interval. The evaluation model for concurrent assertion is based on clock and the evaluation happens only at the occurrence of

SVA : Introduction

Introduction There is a popular statement about assertion, which says “an assertion is a statement that a given property is required to hold and a directive to verification tools to verify that it does hold”. In other words, an assertion specifies a behavior of the system and it is primarily used to validate the behavior